iPhone, iPad and Mac App

The M button selects between 2 memory locations that can be used to store values.

The percentage key works as per most calculators.

When adding or subtracting the percentage key adds or subtracts that percentage of the preceding number: 72 + 5% = 75.6 (5% of 72 is 3.6).

When multiplying or dividing the percentage key simply divides by 100: 72 x 10% = 7.2 (72 x 10/100 is 7.2).

Rounding. The calculator employs the “round away from 0” scheme to fit values onto the display or to show the decimal digits preferred, eg. 0.5 ↑ 1, -0.5 ↓ -1.

Accuracy. Nixie Calculator is intended to be a fun basic calculator and not a highly accurate and precise machine. Nevertheless the calculator employs the precision available using Apples inbuilt decimal functions (NSDecimalNumber). The calculator will show a drop in precision for some maths calculations (that use 64 bit – Double precision only) by fading out some of the Nixie display. Like all calculators however errors can accumulate with repeated calculations due to the limitations of representing numbers in digital systems.

Mac App Only

You can access most functions either using the Menu and also by using Control-click on the Nixie Display or a Paper Tape entry.

You can see the existing keyboard shortcuts by accessing the Preferences menu or by Command-Comma (,) and then navigating to the Shortcuts tab.

Existing keyboard shortcuts are also highlighted if you hover the mouse pointer over a button.

The status bar menu item can be enabled by accessing Preferences or Command-Comma(,), selecting the General Tab and then selecting the Menu Item checkbox.

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